and next, during a late night nick grimshaw show, 2 years ago, harry styles turned up, on his own, in the evening production office with 2 big bags of burgers and shared them around. - there was a phase where harry would just turn up at radio 1, late at night, to sit in on nick grimshaws show - which use to be on in the evening. now this continued when grim moved to breakfast as well. there were times when he was just here. i remember there was one morning where i turned up and he was just here… i mean he was lying on the sofa when i turned up, one day.” (x)

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Easy rider! 1D’s Harry Styles goes into biker mode as he zips through the streets of Los Angeles on his trusty chopper


hemakesaperfectslut: Heellooo! errmm, Narry and "lovehandles"? :)


canon. before harry leaves for la after the wedding.

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when ur song come on and ur six drinks deep