@ItsJamieScott: Me and @NiallOfficial recording some vocals before the show tonight!

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Hi, I’m Niall from One Direction, and I’m on board with Orion. +

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listen… did tumblr put a space between the home button and the notifications or am i seeing shit

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Niall and Selena sneaking into Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood - 26.08.2014


Houston, 22/08/14



calum: *gets blonde streak*

[phone starts ringing, calum answers call]

calum: hel-

zayn: how my dick taste


One Direction sweep the Billboard Boxscore in a new update; only a portion of the dates can fit on a Tumblr photo, but they have more shows charting from 12-16 and 19-22. In just 4 months and with 17 dates left, the Where We Are Tour has grossed a little bit over $230 million so far, outgrossing Beyonce’s extended 1 year Mrs. Carter Show tour which closed at $229 million. 

Harry licking Liam’s finger, Dallas 24/08

Detroit - 08/16